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>The Godly Woman's Guide to ~Inner & Outer~ Beauty

The Godly Woman's Guide to
~Inner & Outer~ Beauty...

...Scheduled release date is September 2011

>>Learn and benefit from a godly perspective on how to prevent
premature signs of aging, how to find and wed a godly man and
other issues facing single women, aging happily and healthfully,
preventing and treating common health problems and
unnecessary surgeries, tips to keep your marriage strong,
dressing appropriately for every occasion, discovering God's true
mission & purpose for your life, overcoming obstacles in your
teens and early twenties, how to be a natural beauty, FAQ's and
much more!

>>For teens and women ages 15+.

>>A must-read for women in the church who desire to be all that
God desires of them, babes and new converts who do not know
or are unsure of what God desires of them, and godly women
who want to help other females possess a godly influence.

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New eBook by Award Winning Publisher Terri Temple
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31 Days to a New You In
makes a great gift especially
for new converts, newly
baptized, maturing
Christians, teenagers,
backslidden church
members, bible class, and
everyone seeking a super-
close relationship with God!

An Excellent tool for
Keeping your church
members Spiritually
Strong and your New
members coming back!

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or Call 1-866-909-2665
bookstores, churches and all
others please call
1-866-381-2665, ext. 117


I read 31 Days in only 10 days! It is very spiritual and a very good book and
very useful.
--Gail M.--Church Staff

31 Days made me feel blessed and the love of God upon me. What I liked
most was the powerful prayers.
--Cathy J.--Church Member

If 31 Days changed your life for the better too, please let us know, and bless your family
and friends with a copy too!

Do you want to know how to actually live-out the new life you received through Christ? Do you seek a close and excellent
relationship with God? Do you want the truly blessed life promised to you by Jesus? Then read 31 Days to a New You in
by Terri Temple
Be a happy and joyful Christian
instantly, today! Guaranteed!

When Christians are down or withdrawn
(yes we're only human) we may
inadvertently spurn others from wanting to
be a Christian, attend church services, or
follow Christ.

So, within this book you'll find nearly 200
inspirational activities and Scriptures,
thoughts, and messages guaranteed to
uplift and encourage you instantly so that
you'll be a blessing every day and
everywhere you go, starting today! You'll
quickly lead others to be eager to know
your "secret" formula for happiness and
Let's get started!

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A few years ago I was sad and very depressed. So as a writer I began to jot down holy Scripture and positive notes that would uplift my
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chance to read the same words that continue to strengthen my spirit and keep me joyful and happy each day so that I can let my light
shine for Jesus and for you! I hope you purchase this inexpensive book full of priceless promises from Father God and uplifting
messages from me. You will also be providing support to my essential and worthy ministry whose mission and purpose is to encourage
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enjoy the book and your free godly woman tote! Now whose happy? P.S. You will be joyful and happier, I guarantee it or you'll receive a full
refund. P.P.S. Be Happy Now is electronic so know one will know that (you're only human and) that you can be unhappy at times! It'll be
our little secret;~)

--Terri Temple, The Godly Woman's Guide

Don't let negative influences keep you down and spoil your
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In Be Happy Now! you will discover nearly 200 inspirational
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