When is The Godly Woman's Guide

The Godly Woman's Guide is
distributed two times a year.

How can I help or become involved in
this notable mission?

You can become involved and help
further our mission in one or several

One, by telling all your family and friends
about us and by forwarding them a copy
of our magazine, or recommending us to
your friends via social network sites
where you are a member including
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Or you
may download a copy of our flyer (on our
ents page) and distribute it at your
church, Bible class, or in your community.
Those who do receive a free gift!

Two, by purchasing our books and
products for yourself and or your friends
and family members.

Three, via prayer. Thank you!

Thank you again for joining us in our
mission to build up the Lord's church and
encourage women unto godliness! May
God our holy Father in heaven be with
you and keep you as you strive to bring
glory and honor to his name by your
lifestyle. (1 Cor. 10:31, 1 Pet. 4:11, Rev.
4:11) ~Terri Temple, The Godly
Woman's Guide

What is the purpose of The Godly
Woman's Guide

Our God-given purpose or mission is to
build up Christ's church by encouraging
and empowering godly women (and
aspiring godly women) in regard to
their inner (spiritual) as well as outer
(physical) beauty according to 1 Peter
3:3-4, 1 Timothy 2:9-10, Titus 2:3-5
and to help and encourage them unto

Why should I subscribe?

In the tempestuous world we reside in
today it can be confusing and difficult
for a godly woman to acquire and
maintain a godly or holy image and
lifestyle as God's Word instructs.
Therefore, The Godly Woman's
was created to inform and
guide, encourage and empower, godly
women everywhere.

Also, for many reasons, the church
doesn't address these issues in an in-
depth manner and on a regular basis,
as it is essential and ongoing.

Overall, we need all the
encouragement, information, and
support we can acquire to not only
survive but thrive as godly women in
an ungodly world.

What age group is The Godly
Woman's Guide
suitable for?

The Godly Woman's Guide is for
teens and upward (or high school
through the mature years) or any godly
woman (single, married, divorced, or
widowed) who aspires to be all that
God calls and desires according to the

What will I find in each issue of The
Godly Woman's Guide

In each edition you will find
encouraging and inspirational
recommendations and suggestions from
educated and wise, God-fearing women
that are scripturally aligned with the
Holy Bible on how to live a godly and
rewarding life and achieve inner

You will also find professional advice
and tips on attaining and maintaining
external beauty i.e. skin care, make-
up, visual poise, and proper attire for
all occasions, from a godly or spiritual
perspective. Also discussed is how to
build and maintain strong and healthy
relationships as God intended,
emotional and mental well-being, peace
of mind, general health care, and more!

Please Note: Although inner beauty,
according to God's Word, is more vital
than outer beauty (1 Peter 3:3-4) we
are commanded to take care of God's
temple, our physical bodies, as well. (1
Corinthians 3:16) One important reason
a godly woman focuses on and takes
care of God's temple (her outer
beauty) is because it's the first thing
(or first impression) others notice, as
we desire not to be a stumbling block
in any way shape or form in
representing God and Christ and in
leading others to him. (1 Corinthians
8:9, 2 Corinthians 6:3 and Titus 2:5)

Therefore, in The Godly Woman's
, the outer or physical beauty
we are speaking of is not alluring or
glamorous, conceited or vain, but the
detailed, meticulous beauty that is
noticed close up.

How much does cost?

The Godly Woman's Guide magazine
is a
FREE service of this ministry and is
without charge.

Otherwise, to volunteer and get
more involved, please CLICK HERE to
contact us. We look forward to
hearing from you soon.
TheGodlyWomansGuide.org (TM) and TGWG eMagazine (copyright 2017 ) are a division of The
Godly Woman's Guide a nonprofit org. All rights reserved. No reuse permitted.
Well, I hope this answered all your
questions about our godly woman
Magazine. If not, please don't hesitate
to contact me personally at
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Here are some FAQs about our Online Magazine for godly women:
VERY IMPORTANT: When you subscribe to our magazine make sure you place us
(tt@thegodlywomansguide.org or emagazine@thegodlywomansguide.org) in your address
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the inconvenience. Thank you.

What's in each issue of The Godly Woman's

A LOVELY SPIRIT: How to maintain a godly
attitude and perspective.

RADIANT VESSEL: How to become and stay a
glowing and radiant vessel for the Lord Jesus.

MOMENT OF FAITH: Spiritual insights to
increase your faith and hope.

remedies given to us by our Father since the
beginning of time.



"...I enjoyed
reading your
newsletter and the
magazine. Good
work!...I'm so
thrilled that you
had the vision and
the insight to put
this together. May
you be a great
success and glory
to God." --K.

"I just want to say
that you are doing
a great job and
thank you for the
inspirations. May
God Almighty
continue to bless
you more
abundantly and
enlarge your
ministry. With
love, --Appeal

"Hi Ms. Terri,
keep up the good
work for our Lord
and Savior Jesus
Christ. The women
young and old
need to be
addressed properly
according to the
word of God." --N.

"Thank you for
this eMagazine!!"

"Hello Family,
Thought you
would enjoy this
eMagazine and it's
words of
--G. W.

Thank you so
much!...We love
Praise Our
Godly Woman
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