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Please note: In Haiti, there is no government
assistance for children or widows. Unless we help,
many of them will continue to die of starvation and
disease. Please make a donation today. Any size
amount will help. God bless you for your support.
~Terri Temple, The Godly Woman's Guide

Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is this, to visit the fatherless and
widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. ~James 1:27
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Jesus' Feet is helping to fund some of
their traveling fees, plus food, clothing, and
other necessities in Haiti. However, we need
donations to support this needy project and
to keep it going. Please make a tax-deductible
monetary donation to our nonprofit
organization and ministry so we can help the
most needy in the church and around the
world. Thank you so much. ~TT

Jesus' Feet, founded by Terri Temple, has
partnered with
Compassion Haitian Leaders
aka Missionary Ladies of the Church of
. Our current project is to help fund
their upcoming trip to Haiti in 2018, an
extremely impoverished nation.

In Haiti, our neighboring island right off the
east coast in the USA, many are suffering and
dying daily. Some suffer from diseases that
are curable and many have lost their lives due
to inadequate supply of essential resources
including money, food, and health care. Due to
extreme poverty, greed, and corruption (and
to natural disasters) Haiti is not normally a
place one would want to take a vacation. Yet
it is filled with people who have a big heart
and who need our love and support.

The local water well in Petite Anse,
Haiti. It is where many residents of
Haiti come to get water for cooking
and bathing. They have to share this
same polluted water with animals
which leads many of them to catching
a disease and becoming ill.
Children at a feeding station in Haiti, an
extremely impoverished nation.
Sheryl Murrah (Christian Haitian Leaders)
and her daughter Angel (top r) passing
out candy to the school children in Haiti.
Sheryl Murrah and her daughter Angel
(r) are lady missionaries to Haiti.
The St. Raphael Church
of Christ in Haiti.
A Church of Christ bathroom in Haiti.
A few of the Missionary Ladies (and
supporters) wearing Send Me (fundraising)
T-shirts. Lydia De Mesa Matias, Debbie
Watkins Taylor, and Margarita Pedrosa (top
row), (l to r) Sheila McDaniels, Glo
Truesdale, Fe de Mesa, Carol Lloyd
Williams, Andrea Lugo, and Bernice Henley
and Cierra Woolard (bottom row).
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Sheryl Murrah, (the founder of Compassion
Haitian Leaders), and her team of lady
missionaries, travel to remote villages that are
normally abandoned by others due to
dangerous road conditions. They visit
orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and nearly
thirty churches of Christ distributing much
needed supplies including food and clothing.
They also distribute Bible tracts to the needy
residents. In addition, they give donated
monies to church of Christ preachers,
teachers, and workers to help them carry-out
their daily functions.