Dear godly woman,

Thank you for watching The Godly Woman's Guide television broadcast. The show was
broadcasted on KEEN television stations channel 17.1 from Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013.
However, Terri would like to put the show back on air and therefore need your
donations. In the meantime, you are invited to watch previous programs on Terri's
Youtube channel.

If you would like to participate, volunteer, or to make a much needed donation to this
ministry and to help put our TV show back on the air (and to help with our Jesus' Feet
ministry that was created to help feed and clothe orphans and help needy widows
around the world) please make a donation and or purchase one of my books or DVD's or
other products for godly women. Or please feel free to contact me if necessary.

Thank you again for your time and for visiting our site. May Father continue to bless
you so that you may always be a blessing wherever you go!


Terri Temple
The Godly Woman's Guide

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"Dear Terri; I stumbled upon
your Youtube videos and am
so comforted by them. My
husband of 24 years left me
and my two teens six
months ago and I didn't
think we were going to make
it. With God's help and your
uplifting videos, I found the
strength to take things day
by day. I just want to thank
you for everything you do. I
just ordered your new book
and can't wait to read it!"
Sincerely ~D.K.

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"I googled 'how to
have a gentle and
quiet spirit' and this
amazing woman of
God popped up!
This was not by
accident. Mrs.
Temple, the wisdom
God has given you
to share with
women, that could
be broken and
restless, is truly
needed. This was
truly a blessing to
me. Thank you so
much for this
revelation. God
bless you. ~Dyna